• Brazilian TV catches Madonna’s brother being arrested

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    Anthony Ciccone, 57-year-old. He lives behind a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan, pretty close to his father’s winery. The homeless is the oldest Madonna Ciccone’s brother.







    This image above was made 5 minutes before 2 cops got into a shelter, where Ciccone spent the night. After that, they took him to the jail. For the 5th time.







    Anthony Ciccone and Vinícius Dônola, Record TV correspondent (image: Daniel Vergara)




    Record TV, second largest Brazilian TV network, will air the story next Sunday (February 5th), on the weekly show named “Domingo Espetacular”.




    In this picture behind, Ciccone’s brothers in a lovely moment. Madonna in the center. (Published by Daily Mail)






    1) Anthony

    2) Jennifer

    3) Paula

    4) Christopher

    5) Mario

    6) Melanie

    7) Marty





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