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    • Building schools in Afghanistan (First of a series)




      In the very beginning, it was just a spot light in darkness, like a blinking firefly in a bush. Her name was “Idea”.


      I met “Idea” some months ago, in a Wall Street cafeteria, jumping inside a friend’s brain, Francesco, who had spent a couple of nights dreaming about “Idea”. He introduced me to her, and I’ve been seeing her growth, step by step.





      Time went by and “Idea” has become a “Project”, much more developed than the one I’ve met in WS. “Idea” is not a embrionary stem cell anymore. Like human beings, she born and raised very fast – faster than some could imagine before.


      Francesco Rulli, Film Annex’s founder and president, and Roya Mahboob, Citadel Software Company CEO, are partners in “Project” development. They’ve been working for helping the educational system in Afghanistan, focused on major cities, like Kabul. “Project” was born to be revolutionary.





      Film Annex supports the local partner, which has been building computer rooms facilities with internet access for High School students. Francesco and Roya believe that information could be the most powerful gun against insurgents.


      Few months later the remarkable coffee, I watched a touching video (link below).


      First school is ready!


      Click here to watch the video.





      These footage may be used for a documentary that Rulli and I intend to shoot, sponsored by Film Annex and suported by NATO TV. That’s not only an idea.


      Thus, you may ask: – What’s the difference between “Idea” had “Project”?


      Francesco and Roya are much more than thinkers. They are doers. And doers creat not only ideas, but also projects. One is really different from the other.



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      May 1, 2012 às 7:06 pm